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Queen of Versailles (2012), directed by Lauren Greenfield

I cannot recommend this documentary enough! I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since the trailer came out. My excitement was through the roof when I saw it on Netflix! I love anything documenting something flashy and unnecessary.

I ended up being really blown away by it. What I thought was going to be a documentary about excess and extravagance, ended up being a great commentary on the “American Dream”. 

While following the billionaire Siegel’s to building their dream home, an 85,000 sq ft, 100 bedroom palace, what starts as a “rags to riches” story ends up becoming more along the lines of a “riches to rags” once the 2008 financial crisis hits during the film. 

It makes you wonder, are they any better off than we are? And sometimes we need the wake-up call that money does not equal happiness.

and a lizard dies and it’s pretty sad :(

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